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Emory Roberts

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The agent in charge of the follow-up car, Emory Roberts, has always interested me if only for the fact that it's difficult to find much info about him. In the books I have he's not mentioned, except for the briefest of mentions in Manchester and Posner. Most info concerning him appears to come from Vince Palamara's work. He didn't testify before the WC (nor did Floyd Boring or David Grant, which arouses suspicion, IMO).

Palamara states that Roberts became LBJ's records secretary after Dallas. He apparently died in the late 60's from causes unknown. In interviews with former SS agents, Palamara states that they wouldn't reveal the cause of his death.

Roberts behavior in Dallas is interesting because he ordered Agent Rybka from the back of JFK's limo at Love Field and also ordered his agents to hold back as the shots were fired. But the thing that is most intriguing is the unconfirmed report that he was responsible for a brief transmission to LBJ's car immediately after the assassination to the effect of "They got him, they got him".

Can anyone add anything to this or correct me on any inaccuracies?

p.s. James, Lee, Robin--any chance of a non Dealey Plaza photo?

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