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Carrie Gallagher-Driscoll

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I currently reside in South Carolina. I have been a Kennedy assassination researcher since 1988. I am currently 26. I am personal friends with James Leavelle (Handcuffed to Oswald when he was shot), Marina Oswald-Porter, the late Jean Hill (the Lady in Red in the Zapruder film), Beverly Oliver-Massagee (the Babushka Lady in the Zapruder film), James Tague (the man by the triple overpass) and many other well known Kennedy assassination witnesses. I have spoken at several World Conferences. I am also apparently, the Georgia-based researcher born in 1979 mentioned in the Tonahill essay. I would say that I want to belong to the forum because I am apparently known to you already and could answer questions and steer people toward FACTS that I know about the case. I know participate in theory as the only thing that I know for sure after seventeen years of research, countless summers spent with witnesses and over 5,000 books is that I didn't do it.

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