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Dino Renato Nardelli

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My name is Dino Renato Nardelli and my usual job is teaching Italian and History at the “Cavour-Marconi” Vocational Statal High School for Industry and Handicraft in Perugia, -Italy- but in this period I am a researcher of Didactics for MIUR with regards to the National Project: “Il presente e i suoi passati. Cittadinanze”. In particular, my task is training teachers. I sit on LANDIS Committee, Bologna. I am the scientific referent for the Project, named “Cittadino consapevole-Piazza Europa”, of the Regional Council of Umbria, whose main target is easing the creation European Citizenship through the activity of spontaneous-born European school-networks (http://www.crumbria.it > Piazza Europa).

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