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Biography: Carolyn Hanson

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I am 56 years old and have lived in Texas all my life. In 1995 I earned an Associate in Arts Degree in Liberal Arts from Trinity Valley Community College. In the past I have worked for several hometown newspapers, and my specialty was writing articles concerning patriotism to our country. As a young teen I lived in Abilene, Texas, on the day JFK was assassinated and watched it live on television as it was happening while I was on my school lunch break at a nearby store. At the time, and for years to follow, I believed the theory that Oswald had acted alone, simply because I did not know any of the facts. I would now enjoy the opportunity to learn all I can so I may form my own educated opinion about what really happened concerning JFK's death. I am also interested since my mother's maiden name was Kennedy, plus I live in a small East Texas town where Clint Murchison's father and also one of his daughter's lived.

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