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Allen Dulles and the Secret Service

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Fletcher Prouty in his book ,The Secret Team, discussed Allen Dulles ambition to have the CIA penetrate all areas of the US government.Prouty used the existence of a high level FAA bureaucrat that was really a CIA asset to example CIA penetration. It is my supposition that Dulles started to penetrate the US Secret Service in the early 1950s. I come to this idea by my finding the 1963 lawfirm of Scribner,Hall, and Casey in Wash. DC area. Casey being William Casey,who was identified as a POST (thats post) WWII operative of Allen Dulles in the, The Secret War Against the Jews Book.

In 1952 Dulles had a dangerous plan to aid the Republican Party's control of the US Presidency. Dulles set up the Republican Ethnic Division (aka with some variation Heritage Groups today). THe Ethnic Division was organized initially in five states. These groups in the 1950s were a danger to the Republican Party in that key leaders were made up of recent displaced WWII Fascsists,Nazi and neo-Nazis.

Though information was reported circa 1979-1980 about these groups, this information on the Ethnic Divisions was never given the emphasis it should have gotten (LIBERAL PRESS ???). Dulles set up the Republican Ethnic Division to counter the Jewish vote that he felt caused Governor Dewey's razor thin loss to Truman.

A portion of the money for the creation of this Ethnic Divison would come from the money-laundering organization, The Crusade for Freedom,which was aided by William Casey and Ronald Reagan in the early 1950s. The head of the Republican Congressional divison in 1952 was Leonard (W) Hall. Mr. Hall would also chair the Republican Party. Hall had to have full knowledge of this fascists operation. Some of the money also came from the CIA (very illegal). In 1963 we see the lawfirm of Scibner,Hall and Casey. Who was Fred Scribner ? Mr. Scribner was head lawyer for the Treasury Department from the mid 50s till late 50s and also later the Under Secretary . On the internet I found a document that had Scribner working in the hiring of IRS agents. Now Dulles was so fixated on Presidential control he started the Ethnic Divisions which could have distroyed the Republican Party.

What strenghtens this theory is that Dulles also was a friend of another Head Lawyer at the Treasury Deptment, Gasper d' Andelot Belin. Dulles,his lover Mary Bancroft, JJA (Chief CIA CI), the Belin's,and the George Bundy's (Bundy being brother of Belins wife) ,would all share lunch and tennis at the Belin's. "Nobody could beat Allen ,at tennis",mused Mary about the Belin lunches. (A very competitive man, NO ??) There are some misspellings at NARA ,but you can find that Belin did work on the still secret (along with his mother's) Oswald tax returns. It is my supposition that via his relationship with the head lawyers of the Treasury Dept, Dulles penetrated the Secret Service.



"Pop" Howley died on Sept. 1, 2000. He was 93. At Princeton, he was Phi Beta Kappa. He then attended Harvard law school, graduating in 1932, and was with the firm of Donovan, Leisure, Newton & Irvine until WWII, when he followed "Wild Bill" Donovan, senior partner of the firm, into the Office of Strategic Services (now the CIA), which Gen. Donovan headed throughout the war. After the war, together with Leonard Hall, who was later the Republican national chair, and William Casey, who later headed the Securities and Exchange Commission and the CIA, they formed the law firm of Hall, Casey, Dickler and Howley, a renowned law firm.


Also in the Summer of 63 Casey and CD Jackson attended a John Birch meeting in the Hollywood Bowl. Also in attendance was Edward (Ted) Dealey,part of the family that controlled the AH Belo company. Edward Dealey had shocked Washington in October 1961 by insulting JFK at a White House luncheon. If you read Dallas Conspiracy by Peter Dale Scott ,you will see connections to the assassination from people working for AH Belo. Of note, it is was very unlike CD Jackson to attend such a low brow affair in the Bowl.

================= In 63 Casey worked with Prescott Bush Jr. in a think tank advocating a stronger CIA and increased covert operations. Prescott Bush SR (SR) had been a friend of Dulles from the early 1930s. DID SOMEONE SUGGEST THE CIA BE BROKEN INTO A THOUSAND PIECES ???????????? THANKS SG

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