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Biography: Susana Muñoz

Susana Muñoz

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I have a doctorate in Law, granted by the Public University of Navarre (Pamplona, Spain) where I worked as a research assistant specialising in International and European Law from 1992 until I moved to Luxembourg.

There I joined the European NAvigator (ENA) project in 1998 and participated in the establishment of the Centre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l’Europe (Virtual Resource Centre for Knowledge about Europe, or CVCE) in 2002. As Head of the Research and Content Development Department and Head of the Legal Affairs Department, I am currently a member of the Coordination Committee.

The primary task of the CVCE is to research, create and select relevant multimedia material on topics of general interest and, more specifically, on European integration in its widest sense. The educational knowledge base European NAvigator (ENA) http://www.ena.lu/mce.cfm provides students, teachers, researchers and anyone else interested in European issues with information on the history of European integration from 1945 to the present day.

My work consists in, on the one hand, coordinating the content development of ENA, and on the other hand, dealing with the legal issues concerning ENA and, more broadly, the activities of the CVCE. My tasks also involve managing various teams, namely, Documentary Research, Research Cooperation, Translation, Documentation and Legal Affairs.

A pedagogical approach has been important in the development of ENA. Teachers have been involved in content development, in interface and feature evaluation, and in assessing the various methods of using ENA in the classroom. The CVCE’s activities in secondary schools over the last academic year have been particularly fruitful; our Luxembourg civics project, for which my fellow-coordinator Isabelle Voegeli is responsible, is one example of these.

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