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Agenda: (2) Members of the Project

John Simkin

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I am aware that most of the people who have stated they have an interest in joining the project, cannot attend the meeting at Worthing. I therefore intend to start a series of new threads that will enable both attendees and non-attendees to join these debates.

So far 17 institutions have registered an interest in joining this project. This is of course far too many and we will need to reduce this number.

It is important for those who cannot attend the meeting to state on this thread that they are still interested in joining the project. It would be a good idea if you could comment on what you could offer the project.

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I am keen to be involved in this project and also for the International School Of Toulouse to be involved not least because over the coming years IST will need to develop its own provision in this area. My own participation would thus, I suspect, be driven by the desire to seek out and share good international practice that can be adapted.

At my previous school (St. George’s BI School, Italy) I was indirectly involved as the school developed it own “International Citizenship” course as a response to a general and wide spread dissatisfaction with the narrow approach to citizenship as defined by the British National Curriculum. It would be fair to state that I was sceptical at the beginning but I have certainly learned a lot from this process.

My involvement with the International Baccalaureate could also provide a perspective that might be relevant. The Theory of knowledge course has, I think, important general approaches that would be interesting to consider when debating approaches to citizenship. On top of this the IB are always adapting their syllabi and, for example, currently all Science courses need to incorporate an important new strand (Aim 8) for all subject to consider that could broadly be described as one aspect of citizenship (the moral, ethical, social, economic and environmental implications of science and technology)

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