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Agenda: (4) Languages and the Project

John Simkin

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If Kalmar's involved, then Swedish would be another of the languages. The various people involved here in Kalmar are mainly Swedish speakers and the part of the activity involved in recording what goes on now would be best done first in Swedish. Since the terminology involved isn't standard across the EU, I think that it's important that key concepts are expressed firstly in people's native languages. Thereafter it might very well be necessary to add explanations to straight translations. If you take the English word 'equality', for example, it can be translated by two different Swedish words, 'jämlighet' and 'jämställdhet'. The former is a description of a state of affairs, whilst the latter is an active process.

I suspect that one of the toughest tasks during Year One will be for us all to agree exactly what it is that we're talking about when we say 'Citizenship'.

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In Worthing meeting, we agree that every institution should create material in their own language (this project can cover a wide range of European languages) and that all the materials will be translated into English.

It means that we will have to budget money for translation.

Setting up a genuine multilingual web site can be a major asset of our project.

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