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Biography: Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith

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Matthew Smith is a scriptwriter, television producer and writer. He is a leading authority on the assassination of John F. Kennedy and worked as a consultant on Central Television's The Men Who Killed Kennedy.

In JFK: The Second Plot, published in 1992, Smith argues that Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA agent. Smith quotes James Wilcott, a former CIA man, who claimed that Oswald had been "recruited from the military for the express purpose of becoming a double agent assignment to the USSR." The Soviets were suspicious of Oswald and he was allowed so little freedom it was decided by the CIA to bring him home.

On his arrival back in the United States Oswald continued to pose as a left-wing activist. Smith argues Oswald was "taken over and run by renegade CIA agents who were dedicated to assassinating President Kennedy." Smith claims that J. D. Tippit and Roscoe White were also involved in this plot although he suggests that Oswald was not aware of what was going on and was being set up as a patsy. Tippit was supposed to take Oswald to Redbird Airport where he was to be flown to Cuba in order to implicate Fidel Castro in the assassination.

Other books by Smith include Vendetta: The Kennedys, (1993), Say Goodbye to America: New Perspectives on the JFK Assassination (2002), Victim: The Secret Tapes of Marilyn Monroe (2003).

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Guest Stephen Turner

Matthew, welcome to the forum, "JFK, The Second Plot" was one of the first books I read on the Kennedy Assassination, and it helped to spark my present obsession with the case. I look foward to your contributions... Steve.

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