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Film Enhancements, Stabilization Etc..

Blair Dobson

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I posted this in another thread but I thought it better to let everyone know:

If anyone wants any films or footage enhanced, stabilized, isolated or combined , provide me with the materials and I will do it..

I am offering my equipment, time and resources to any and all provided they get me the best source material possible. Free of charge of course.

(Obviously not a pristine copy of the Z film but...)

With stuff of lower quality I will do my best.

So if anyone has a theory they would like to test out by using my services. email me or pm me through the board. I would be only too glad to help.

Currently I am using the following software:

(this is not an ad for software, just letting you know...)

Vegas Video.



Final cut pro.

After effects.


Irfanview. (which i find to be quite excellent for blowing up stills/frame serving without reticulation or artifacts..)

I have a slide scanner and a flatbed scanner as well.

Please feel free to contact me .


Blair Dobson.

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Guest Stephen Turner

Thanks for the generous offer Blair, may take you up on it in the future. Have you done any work with the photographic record? enhancements etc. Steve...

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