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Latest batch of lessons from Direct2U. The activities cover:

Year 1: Homes of long ago

In this lesson children will explore an on screen simulation of a Victorian house, identifying similarities and differences between that house and its contents and their own homes A file of activity sheets is supplied.



Year 2: Remembrance Day

This lesson should take place as soon after Remembrance Sunday as possible In it children will compare events locally and nationally. A file of activity sheets is supplied.



Year 3: Everyday life in Roman times

Although this activity uses an internet site is based in Sussex, much of the information contained will apply to Roman settlements across the country. If this is substantially different from Roman settlements near to you then children could be asked to make comparisons between the two. An activity sheet is supplied.



Year 4: An Egyptian tomb painting

In this activity, pupils use a paint package to create a replica of an Egyptian tomb painting. This activity will take two sessions to complete, and its focus needs to be on history, rather than ICT or Art and Design. A sheet of facts about tomb paintings is supplied.



Year 5: Points of View

Children write a newspaper giving one perspective on a conflict. Although this lesson is based around the conflict between Athens and Sparta in the 5th century BC the activity can be adapted for use with any history unit that involves conflict between two groups of people, for example the Jacobite rebellions of the 18th century or Boudicca's rebellion against the Romans.


Year 6: A multimedia exhibition

This lesson can be used at the end of a unit of work on any artefact-based society or culture. In it the children will create an online museum. They will have to make decisions about the "lay-out" of the museum, what artefacts to display, and how to describe them. This activity will take several sessions.


If you have missed any of the previous week's mailings you can download them from: http://forum.ngfl.gov.uk/direct2u

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