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GTC again

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The latest addition to the General Teaching Council is Robert Millea, who is a chartered accountant.

There are several bodies for Chartered Accountants. For example, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales was incorporated by Royal Charter in May 1880 and as far as I know it does not have any teachers on its governing body. Its governing body, unsurprisingly, is elected by Chartered Accountants.

The BMA is elected by Doctors and mainly comprises doctors, the Bar Assocation has a lot of lawyers. There is a sort of pattern here.

However, this is typical of government thinking. New Labour is wary of an independent body representing teachers as a profession and insists on having it tied to government's apron strings. It is also packed out with cronies. Its first leader was a film director with no classroom experience whatsoever but impeccable New Labour credentials.

There has been an interesting discussion on the TES website about the GTC


and perhaps the most interesting thing is that nobody on a teachers' discussion board with a wide range of opinions has a good word to say for them!

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