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Hurricanes and Global Warming

John Simkin

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Wilma will be the third hurricane to hit Key West in three months (if in fact it does hit or "near miss" us). It's getting a little old! But it is still too early to tell which way it will go when it leaves Mexico. (All of the tourists were evacuated several days ago.)

The World Meteorological Organisation has run out of its allocation of names for hurricanes this year. With more than a month to go for the hurricane season, there have been 21 named storms in the Atlantic, equalling the 1933 record.

Research shows that hurricanes of the intensity of Katerina has become twice as common over the last 35 years. Global warming is the main factor. Over the last 35 years the ocean surface temperatures, the source of the energy, have risen by an average of 0.5C over the same period.

Is God sending George Bush and the United States a message. Maybe it is no coincidence that Katerina appeared to target the oil industry in the US.

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