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To become aware of an interesting thing perhaps relevant to evaluating witness accounts go to


Note there are three people in white t shirts and 3 in black. once loaded click start and count carefully how many times the white clad people pass a ball from one to another.

"The video is contained in a Java applet and it will only play if you have Java installed on your machine (and active in your browser). The applet is fairly large (7MB) so it may take a while to load. When it has finished loading, press the play button to view the video. "


Then read : http://viscog.beckman.uiuc.edu/djs_lab/IB.html

for more : http://viscog.beckman.uiuc.edu/djs_lab/demos.html

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Some thoughts of where this may be relevant

Many people prior to viewing the Zapruder film will have had described to them what to expect. Early on there was Time life, Dan Rather and the WC. Then came Garrisons 'back and to the left'.

One would then tend to look for this and see it. Then theories were formulated to explain. 'Jet effect', GK shot, and syndromes.

How to explain the 'inconsistencies'? The left brain undamaged. OK the brain 'was swapped'.

Damage and fragments contained largely on the right side? Xrays forged?

And finally, the films altered.

How can a shot from rear right cause the head to move towards the right? Particularly when the explosive eruption at the right temple is taken into account? One description of a high velocity bullet hitting a head is: the energy carried by a bullet at High velocity is dissipated to the head in a same way as if a sledgehammer moving at its relatively Low velocity hits the head. Knockdown power! Boom!

The shape of the cavitation occurring in a fraction of a second is widest at the point of entry. Where in any witness statements or images is any suggestion of an eruption occurring at the rear of the head? A closed system punctured and pressurised will have that pressure relieved at the nearest existing puncture. There should at least be some indication of such somewhere. Where is it?

Auto suggestion can lead one to accept things that perhaps otherwise may be obvious.

A shot from the right front makes perfect sense as long as one overlooks the lack of destruction of the left hemisphere and lack of fragments in the left hemisphere. OR adheres to alteration theories.

It's possible to look at all the evidence as it is and not need any alteraltions.

If one watches carefully sans pre judice, one is more likely to spot the tilt to the right-forward movement and the very brief pause prior to the back, left move. The only way that is dealt with is to ignore it as if it didn't happen. Well, sorry. It did.

A shot from the left explains it all. The top of the head hole is an entry. The side and back are exits. The right-forward movement is 'knockdown power' that drives the head against the raised right shoulder which diverts the head forward down tilt. This knockdown also is transmitted through a body held rigid by bracing to the seat springs that recoil and catapults the now limp body naturally back in the direction it came from: up and to the left. The back part of the movement can be understood if one frees oneself from viewing the zfilm as a static screen but rather an image with a time AND place. In other words, the frames not only capture moments in time but these moments occur about a head width apart in a direction towards the triple underpass. The natural habit accuired by car passengers of bracing against movement by adjusting muscular control as is evident with viewing the forward tilt of the live passengers doesn't apply to Kennedy after the headshot. His body is now subject to all these forces sans muscular control. Hence it is primarily subject to the law of physics that states an object will continue to move in the way it does until acted upon by an outside force. In this case outside force is seat springs, Jackies restraining hand, body hitting the seat back and head remaining as is until connection to body drags it forward as well.

All one has to do is drop the preprogramming and it falls into place.


Other instances where this 'intentional blindness' might occur is in the group rush towards the knoll, not unlike that of sheep startled and following the leader. Up near the TSBD there were an other set of cues at work. Pigeons taking off. SS men turning. Sound becomes married to direction where echoes may confuse. There was a shot, people were focussing on Kennedy, sound and shot are understandably joined together. What about the witnesses who were intently looking at Kennedy. How credible can any statement about smoke or movements outside this focus be? This is where the herd mentality kicks in and that then becomes the 'witnessing' while perhaps it was nothing of the sort. In other words, no lies, just natural biological processes.

A knowledgable shooter, experienced in hunting, crime detection and war would have an understanding of all this. So to fool an unsuspecting public. Difficult? I don't think so.


There is an interesting segment in one film taken up near the corner of houston and main that shows a general rush down towards the assassination site. Except for one figure, who seems to be taking a sunday stroll slowly away from there up main. There are other such anomalies in other photos and films.


The witnesses who report things that noone else reports should perhaps be reviewed, particularly if they indicate in other ways that perhaps they were less focused on Kennedy than others?

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Relevant to this is a post from the political conspiracies forum describing "source misattribution"


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