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Biography: Bruce Campbell Adams

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Bruce Campbell Adamson, Former Federal U.S. Postal Employee, writer, historian, publisher of 14 books on the JFK Assassination. My specialty is George de Mohrenschildt (CIA agent) ties to rich, famous, George H.W. Bush, Jackie Kennedy, JFK's landlord, LBJ, texas oilmen, Oleg and Igor Cassini, White Russians and more than 50 CIA agents. Have invested more than 200K in putting together over 13 years a 16 vol. C.D. and selling the books separately.

See http://ciajfk.com

I have been a genealogist since 1982 and Produced the Barrymore, Drew and Costello family website see http://barrymorefamily.com

I produced a video on George de Mohrenschildt entitled 1,000 Points of Light on JFK, Diana and September 11th.

Also produced a video on my uncle's songwriting career entitled Our Pal Hal; An Affair To Remember. Harold will be honored on Feb. 11, 2006 at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. See


I have put on hold a book/video on my 11th great grandfather George Calvert, First Lord Baltimore and his son Leonard Calvert, first governor of Maryland. Before there was George W. Bush, before George H.W. Bush, before George Washington (Washington being a distant in-law to George de Mohrenschildt) there was George Calvert, Secretary of State under King James and Charles. Calvert and family founded the first institution for Jesuits in the United States. I am cousins to the Carroll and Burke families.

Working on a video and have already written a book entitled For Which We Stand, The Life and Papers of Rufus Easton. Easton was honored at the St. Louis Post Office last year on Oct. 1, 2004 and I was asked to speak. See


Have written a book on my 2nd great grandfather Captain George W. Ely, who was secretary of the New York Stock Exchange for more than 45 years.



Law enforcement agencies have supported my research as have Leon Panetta former Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton. Last year I was on coast to coast with George Noory, yet don't believe I will be on the air this year.

I have been doing syndicated radio shows since 1996 on the JFK Assassination and I CAN definitely prove that George H.W. Bush was involved and incharge of the Bay of Pigs invasion, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and to Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend (since 1942) George de Mohrenschildt.

Introduce others to the solution to the JFK Assassination. Books have been accepted into Harvard and universities around the country U.S.A.

Live in Santa Cruz, CA, yet keep on the move. If anything should happened to me, my research, excluding C.D. and film rights goes into Public Domain.

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