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I promised to pass on this information. It could go here on in a more political section:


<dereksl2@bellsouth.net> wrote:

>A yahoo discussion group just started up to compare today's events with Jack

>London's novel "The Iron Heel."  There is no question in my mind that the

>Oligarchy of that prescient novel and the one we suffer under today can be

>compared and contrasted effectively.




>Regards, Derek


Not all Jack London fans are called Derek btw....one at least was called Charmian!

The Iron Heel is the book which changed my life. I was headed for, shall we say, the more reformist left before I read it. Jack London's daughter sent a copy of it to Trotsky when he was sent into exile and he reviewed it. Written between 1905/1906 it accurately depicts some of the forces which shaped the twentieth century.

It is a fact that Mussolini was still a leftist (of sorts) and Hitler on the way to becoming a bohemian dropout when it was written.

It is also an important source for anyone who wants to understand 1984

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