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Does anyone have any experience of using Moodle, a new Open Source Virtual Learning Environment?

Moodle appears to be in the process of becoming a serious competitor to WebCT and Blackboard. The Moodle community is growing, in particular the Moodle language learning and teaching community. Moodle can be downloaded free of charge from http://moodle.org

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Hi Graham,

I have used Moodle during a course in Learning in an Online Environment set up through Saarland University, as a project sponsered by the EU. The first time there were a few problems but not immense ones, 12 mths later with extra development work done it has been working well, the only thing a bit frustrating to me is seeing someone online and not being able to call them to chat.

I also believe that it is more user friendly to adults or older students than younger ones. We use WebCt here in Tasmanian (Australia) with all ages and as there is the availability of icons and graphics it works better for younger students, even though, as with anythng, there are still some issues.


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