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Biography: Steve Dunnington

Steve Dunnington

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I was born in Lancaster, Ohio in 1958. I graduated from Ohio State University in 1982 with a BA in political science. I have lived in the Phoenix area for twenty years and currently work for Microchip Technology of Chandler, AZ.

I started as a Watergate researcher/'buff' after college. I shook Richard Nixon's hand and spoke breifly to him at a fundraiser in Columbus in 1983. So now I became a dedicated Watergate historian, not trying to exonerate Nixon but fully knowing there had to be more to the scandal. Halderman's book of course relates Nixon's obsession with 'THE BAY OF PIGS' and wanting all the CIA's files on the invasion (denied by Helms). Halderman's assertion that the Bay of Pigs was a euphimism for JFK's assassination brought me closer to researching 11-22-63. Remember John Erlichmann's 'novel' 'The Company'......it's about a 'fictional' President being blackmailed by the Director of Central Intelligence. Of course the blackmail concerned secrets about a presidential assassination. But that's Erlichmann's fiction..?? I'd like to explore this on the forum, the Watergate/JFK connections.

Also from a newspaper my mother saved from Sunday 11-24-63 I found an article with a by-line by Aubrey Rike. Mr. Rike was one of the ambulance drivers who picked up the seizure victim, Jerry Belknap near the TSBD and took him to Parkland. I sent copies of the article to Mr. Rike and in a telephone call to him he denies writing the article at all. It is written in first person. I'm thinking of going to the Columbus Dispatch and see if they'll print a retraction or at least an aknowledgement that 42 years ago they ran a fabricated story with an unauthorized byline. Disinformation ??Harmless journalistic license ??? Maybe the forum can help me find some answers.

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