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Biography: Sherry Gutierrez

Sherry Gutierrez

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I have been a forensic investigator, specializing in Crime Scene Reconstruction and Blood Spatter Analysis for over 20 years. Court qualified as an expert in the Crime Scene Reconstruction and Blood Spatter Analysis, I have testified in three states and over 30 judicial jurisdictions, including US Federal Court. I have 17 publications in peer reviewed journals and have taught Blood Spatter Analysis and Crime Scene Reconstruction to law enforcement agencies on state and nation levels for over 17 years.

My interest in the Kennedy assassination began when my sister, Debra Conway, asked me to apply my professional techniques in spatter interruption to the Kennedy assassination. This resulted in my presenting information at the Coalition on Political Assassinations, 1995 National Educational Conference in Washington, DC. Since that time I have been a speaker at several JFKLancer Conferences, presenting information on Blood Spatter Analysis and Trajectory Reconstruction.

My article on "Bloodstain Pattern Analysis and the Kennedy Assassination" can be reviewed here:


A PowerPoint presentation concerning trajectory of the fatal headshot can be reviewed here:


then click on this file: NID2003.mht

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