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Biography: Greg Ritsul

Greg Ritsul

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Semi-retired IT consultant. Prior to that managed a nursery for several years. Was 8 when JFK was assassinated and never really thought anything other than the official line - Oswald, the lone nut did it. That began to change in 1980. While living in Houston, my landlady, a real, no-nonsense, Texas straight-shooter, and I were having a conversation. The topic of LBJ came up. I thought she would have warmed to LBJ, being a native Texan herself. Instead, she proceeded to let me know in the most unambiguous terms possible, exactly what a lying, thieving, no-good low-life that LBJ was!! I was shocked. If a fellow Texan ( presumablly someone who would have known more about him than most people in other parts of the country), and a very honest one at that, felt that way about him, then there was an excellent chance it was actually true. While I don't remember verbatim, she ended our discussion that day with a rhetorical exclamation very close to the following: If LBJ was such a saint, why did his car stop before the first shot was even fired? And so began my interest and increasing scepticism in the matter. I'd like to join the forum to receive feedback on 2 areas of the assassination I'm still unclear about.

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