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I found this excerpt interesting

Houston Chronicle coverage:

Published Nov. 22, 1963

Edition: 3rd EXTRA

Note: This EXTRA was the third of four printed by the Chronicle as the story of President Kennedy's assassination unfolded. Its lead headline read: "Assassin's Bullet Kills Kennedy; Connally Shot, in Grave Condition"


Chronicle Reporter

Dallas--Doctors who worked for 40 minutes to save the life of President Kennedy gave this account of his injuries:

Dr. Malcolm Perry said: "The President was near death when measures were begun. We assisted his respiration with oxygen and anaesthesia machine. Passage of an endo-tracheal tube was made and a tracheotomy was performed. Blood and fluids also were given, and an electrocardiogram monitor was attached to record his heart beat."

Dr. Kemp Clark, neurosurgeon, said:

"I was called because the President had sustained a brain injury."

"It was apparent the President had sustained a lethal wound," Dr. Clark said.

"A missile had gone in and out of the back of his head, causing extensive lacerations and loss of brain tissue. Shortly after I arrived, the President's heart stopped. We attempted resuscitation, initiating closed chest heart massage, but to no avail.

A missle had gone IN and OUT of the BACK of his head....

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