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In this layered combination of the relevant frames of the nix film (as available) are a number of interesting things to note.

*The individulals and their movements correspond with those of other films.

*Previously wih the muchmore film and subsequently the z film I noted the drift away from the kerb at the time of the headshot. This repeats here as well.

*On the pedestal are what appears to be two figures, one in front and somewhat to the side of the other.

*There is a 'glint' that here in the combination appears as a smear from right to left. There is one frame where this 'glint' is particularly bright as if at that point the sunlight is reflected towards Nix.

*This reflection travels from right to left in a line parallel with the road or the Limo travel. It looks very much like it is a reflection off something like a camera tracking or panning as it films the Limousine.

(Don't take my word for it, it is easy to check for yourself. The images here by necessity are much smaller than what is on my computer both in size and resolution.)

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