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new book by Paris Flammonde

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MessageDear friends, acquaintances, critics, researchers, and correspondents:

The effort of years, save for the final collection of the graphic elements,

has been completed, and, notwithstanding its numerous deficiencies and

and omissions, all due to the failures of the author and the fact that he has

found a necessary to work wholly alone throughout its composition, will

very soon be offered in its comprehensive1350 page (number of volumes

presently undecided) finality, initially via Andrew Winiarczyk and there-

after from an as yet undetermined commercial publisher.

Notes on a Projected Encyclopaedic Narrative

and Personal Perspective on the


of the

Assassination of America

The Kennedy Coups d' Etat

The Deaths in Dallas, an Examination of the Jim Garrison Investigation, and the Effects on the

Growing Totalitarianism in the Expanding Hegemonic American Empire

Book One: Dallas

Book Two: New Orleans

Book Three: America


Paris Flammonde

Introduction Forward Preface

William Turner Cyril H. Wecht Jim Marrs

author of Hoover's FBI, M. D., J. D. author of Rule by Secrecy,

Power on the Right, and America' s Foremost Alien Agenda,

Invisible Witness Forensic Pathologist and Crossfire

Scanuscript Press 2006

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