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Penn Jones and Malcolm Wallace?

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For those who knew Penn Jones and or who were avid readers of 'The Continuing Inquiry', was there ever any mention of crossing paths with Malcolm Wallace pre assassination? If so, did Penn Jones pass any comments about him?

I ask as in 1946 when Homer Rainey was running for Governor, Penn Jones as editor of the 'Midlothian Mirror', did some radio spots supporting his candidacy. The man who handled and promoted these spots was Rainey's Dallas County campaign manager, Malcolm Wallace.


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Not everyone knows or remembers, but James in the very early days of internet

JFK research used the nom de plume Cameron Koo, and admitted to some that

he was formerly associated with some intelligence agency. At some point after

that after a long "disappearance" from forums, he returned as James Richards,

which I assume is his actual name. I wish him well. He has been involved in a

dangerous activity, and his resources have been a great asset to researchers.


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I hope everything is ok James and wish you the very best of luck and a happy Xmas/New Year holiday.

You will be missed,


Did you ever receive any information relating to this James?


Message from James Richards: "due to personal reasons, I have moved away from assassination research and will not be participating on the forum anymore."

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