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CBS New, 4-part inquiry;

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Good Day.... Can someone who has the video of the 1967 CBS News, 4-part inquiry presented on tv entitled "The Warren Report," please, make a copy for me? (I have the 1968 book, "Should We Now Believe The Warren Commission?" by STEPHEN WHITE that is based on that CBS inquiry)

I will, of course, cover all expenses.

Thank You in advance.

Best Regards, Don

Don Roberdeau

U.S.S. John F. Kennedy, CV-67, "Big John," plank walker

Sooner, or later, the Truth emerges Clearly


T ogether

E veryone

A chieves

M ore



"You choose life--we choose death."

-note left by al-Quaida terrorists murderers after Spanish train bombings that killed 198 persons, March, 2004

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