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Head Movements 2

John Dolva

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In looking at the blood a method for more precicely locating the head appeared.

Here are the results.

Looking at frames 311 to frame 325

The white dots are the location of the Limousine derived from looking at the cross bar in front of Connally.

The red dots are the locations of the head.

The line connects the frame pairs.

First the limousine and the head are travelling at the same speed.

One can see that at the time of the first headshot there is an acceleration followed by coasting at higher velocity for 3 frames, then the limousine accelerates for 3 frames, then there is a rapid slow followed by a steady acceleration for 4 frames followed by coasting for 3 frames and then another braking..

The head at the same time moves at the time of the head shot forward at a greater velocity than the limousine, then this slows and the head starts to rapidly move slower forward than the limousine. (which is now accelerating. This movement difference is greatest when the limousine brakes and then the head is basically moving forward again at the same rate as the limousine, except at the end when the limo brakes again and the head moves forward at a rate slightly faster than the limousine.

So I think it is possible to isolate the impulses that cause this mixed bag of movements.

EDIT (as well as clarification to above) : It's the movements between frames 312 and 318 that is most in need of explaining, because as I see it, from then on the limo and the head appears to be moving together.

This coincides with the time of maximum blood/brain matter dispersal.

(With regards to the blood spatter. The eruption is mostly apparent for about six frames, pulsing in intensity in a similar way as that observed by the wound ballistics study of the US army in 1947. There is a flow of blood onto the right front of Kennedy, that once happening, appears consistently for the rest of the frames.)

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