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Holocaust denier David Irving is jailed

John Simkin

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I have just been reminded of another quotation that should be applied to this discussion.

"Truth is not established by prohibitions and punishments, but in a free and open encounter with falsehood." (John Milton, Areopagitica)

Extremely laudable John (Milton and Simkin!) but perhaps only possible when people's minds aren't "so open" that they let their brains fall out :D .

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The historian Gerhard Flehinger died this week. He was the author of "Hitler and the Final Solution". He spent over 30 years working with Nazi documents. He was attempting to find irrefutable evidence that the systematic murder of the Jews of Europe was Hitler’s decision. Flehinger admitted that his research was politically motivated. He wanted to make sure that those on the right of the political spectrum would not be able to dilute the immense criminality of Hitler’s policies.

Flehinger discovered that Hitler’s administration devoted major resources and immense cunning to attempting to conceal or destroy evidence for the responsibility for the final solution. That the authorities had systematically falsified documentation in such a way as to lay false trials relating to all aspects of the Nazis’ treatment of European Jewry. They did this so well that Fleinger could find no documentation that definitely proved that there was a direct link between the Holocaust and the Nazi high command. It is this lack of physical evidence that historians like David Irving use to defend their absurd views.

However, what Flehinger was able to do was to assemble such an overwhelming weight of circumstantial material as to make his case incontestable.

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