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Obesity in Schools

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People in developed countries are getting fatter and most alarmingly kids are getting fattest the most rapidly. Now there is nothing wrong with having a bit of puppy fat but what can we do when kids are becoming so obese that they risk having a heart attack by the ages of 30?

I believe that significant change needs to be made in the following areas

  • Physical education
  • school dinners
  • modes of transport to and from schools
  • promoting a healthy lifestyle through science education and food technology
  • building 20 story schools with no elevators(!?!)
  • Not selling off our playing fields to build housing estates
  • having healthy food in the school vending machines

I'm sure that there are many more (please feel free to add to this short list) and I would love to hear about any initiatives that are taking place in your schools and their success rates.

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Ah yes,

I did look for any other posts about obesity before posting this one but I must have got distracted by the problems in Alabama schools!

Still, the last time the discussion didn't really get very far and I'm sure there there is more to be said about the issue.... particularly with respect to what can be done, rather than just noticing that there is a problem and that it is wide spread.

Personally I'd be interested to hear if any schools have installed healthy eating vending machines and whether they had any success with them.


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