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Press Release:

Mirrorpix launch of Arcitext, the complete digitised back catalogue of the Daily Mirror Newspaper

LONDON.--(Response Source)--March 14, 2006--Mirrorpix today announced the launch of Arcitext, the complete digitised back catalogue of the Daily Mirror Newspaper from 1903 to present. All pages are fully searchable online, offering immediate access and download capabilities to every story ever published.

Arcitext represents one of the most comprehensive online archives currently available, documenting in great detail UK and world history over the past 100 years. This incredibly extensive resource covers a huge subject range; including news, politics, sport, crime, fashion, war, music and entertainment plus developments in scientific, medical and social issues.

From charting the many facets of Winston Churchill's turbulent political career to Beatlemania. The careers of many silver screen actors and legends; the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, through to contemporary news coverage of London's July bombings (7/7) and ongoing war on terror, if it was in the Daily Mirror, it's on Arcitext.

Arcitext is an invaluable resource and saves time and money for researchers, journalists and academics as well as individuals in many other fields including book and magazine publication, film and television production. In short, it offers a unique and comprehensive resource applicable to both educational and commercial professionals.

"Arcitext is revolutionising the world of research. All the feedback we're getting shows that not only are our clients finding that it is now much easier to locate the information they need but they're stunned by the range and depth of data available and by just how quickly Arcitext finds it for them." said John Churchill, Commercial Director of Mirrorpix.

"Obviously it has been a huge task to digitise all this content in order to make it available online, but we're immensely proud of the results. The history of the 20th century and beyond is a patchwork quilt of tales concerning the good, bad and ugly of humankind. Now, for the first time, you can read the entire story in one place. No other archive makes so much information so easy to find."

Arcitext allows the user to search and download reproduction quality pages at the touch of a button; ready for broadcast in daily news cycles, publication in newspapers, magazines & books; or insertion as footage in documentaries.


Key benefits of Arcitext:

Speed - Access to over 1.25million pages of the Daily Mirror at the touch of a button

Ease of use – enter a simple search term (e.g. Winston Churchill) and have all pages containing articles with that term returned within seconds

Context – researchers can see how a story was originally run, its position and relative importance at the time of publication

Designed for professionals – custom search tools such as front/back page and date searching

Edition scrolling – users can scroll backwards & forwards within a newspaper edition allowing '360 degree navigation' of the entire archive

Save Time – Researchers no longer need to access offline library resources to find the headlines they need, saving literally days in research time

Save money – production time savings = money savings

About Mirrorpix

Mirrorpix, a division of Trinity Mirror plc, is responsible for housing the vast collection of Daily Mirror photography, over 30 million images, accumulated since 1904, published in the paper as well as never previously seen.

All of which are available to license for use in TV and film Productions, book, newspaper and magazine publishing, licensing and syndication.

The Daily Mirror is one of Britain's oldest national newspapers. First published on 2nd November 1903 and holds the unique distinction of being the first newspaper publication anywhere in the world to use photographs (first used 7th January 1904).

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