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White Knights

Have any members ever come across any listing of any person who was known to have been at Dealey Plaza on the day of the assassination who was also a member of the white knights of the KKK.


I know that Harry D, Homes, postal inspector (FBI informant DT7) witnessing the assassination, came to Dallas from Kansas city in 1948, where he had moved to from Oklahoma when he was a boy. His early history is more obscure. Tracking down ancestors is not easy. There seems to be no birth records that pin him down. There's a possibility of some relation to Trumans grandmother who settled and married in Kansas. If anyone has an early history of Harry and his family please post. Any photo of Harry is much needed. There are persons in the plaza aftermath that are not yet identified, both at DPD and the plaza itself. Harry spent time in both of these areas, picking up and discarding things as he wandered about the plaza, and to and from the DPD to pick up, drop off and view, evidence, to chat with DPD, SS and FBI, personnell, and to interview Oswald.

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