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Question from a researcher involved in writing a book about the JFK assassination:

Are you familiar with a woman named Elene Garrow, who supposedly met with Robert Kennedy in Mexico City in fall, 1964 and told him that she had met Oswald there the year before? It is in John Newman's book. I can't seem to find anything when I Google her name so I thought I'd check with you. Of course, if true it would be interesting to find her daughter (Tony Summers thinks she is still alive) and ask some questions.

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Is this in reference to the writer Elena Garro de Paz who was married to poet Octavio Paz? If so, then her daughter is Helena Paz.

All of Elena Garro de Paz's papers which include photographs and correspondence are held at the Department of Rare Books and Special Collections at the Princeton University Library.

Elena below.


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5. Nevertheless, these were not the only events that took place at that time. Sometime after the Kennedy assassination, two witnesses, the Mexican Elena Garro de Paz and the Nicaraguan Gilberto Alvarado Ugarte, alleged that Silvia Duran was connected to Oswald during the visit. Garro even commented that the consul Azcue, had said during a conversation held with the poet Emilio Carballido, that "Kennedy had to be killed".

According to the above two people connect (an alleged) Oswald and Sylvia Duran in Mexico.

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