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Biography: Robby Smith

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My name is Robby Smith, a retired auditor from Bell Helicopter International. After obtaining my degree in accounting from University of Texas, Arlington, and spending two years in the US military, I worked as an accountant and accounting supervisor for eight years. I then joined the purchasing audit staff and embarked on a fantastic voyage of travel and looking at the books of various defense contractors in the USA, Canada and England. The best part of the process was the "negotiations", which could be very intense.

I was born in God's country, West Texas and currently reside just outside of Ft Worth, Texas

Why I chose to join the "Forum": In my travels, I have had many rich conversations with various individuals and have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to see history in various parts of the world. Since I have retired the historical opportunities have been enhanced. But more importantly, the "rich, rich" conservations with individuals, weather it be a retired US Admiral on vacation in Northern France, a retired Chaplin from the military who vacations each year in the West part of England, a "West Texan" that I ran into on "Champ Elysee" in Paris, or a local worker on the coast line of Kenya, just outside of Mombasa. Individuals are fascinating. Each person's thoughts, ambitions, experiences and accomplishments are what make the world that we live in a grand experience.

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