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Milteer's savings account.

Guest Stephen Turner

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Guest Stephen Turner


Some fascinating evidence found at Milteer's home after his death was in a bankbook, tucked away amid piles of letters. Savings account No 115376 from the now defunct Utah savings and loan, of Provo Utah was made out to one Samuel Steven Story, and Mrs CC Cofield, the adress was 212 South Troupe St, Valadosta, mrs Cofields home (she was milteer's common law wife) When the account was opened on July 31st 1963 an intial deposit of $5,000 was made, there followed two others one of a further $5,000, on August 20th, and one of $2,000 on September 24th. On January 31st 1964, 52 days after the assassination all $12,000 was withdrawn, and the account closed.

There is no doubt that Story was an alias for Milteer, a letter to the bank was found typed by Milteer, with story's signature attached, it perfectly matched Milteers handwriting, he also had a seperate account under his own name. There is no evidence to indicate that Milteer ever used an alias, except during that brief, crucial period.

No other letters from the year 1963 were ever found amoungst Milteers possesstions, despite detailed correspondence for many years before and after....

Somersett, "I think Kennedy is coming here (Miami) on the 18th, to make some sort of speech."

Milteer, "You can bet your bottom Dollar he is going to have a lot to say about the Cubans, there's thousands of them here."

Somersett, "Well how do you figure would be the best way to get him."

Milteer, "From an office biulding, with a high powered rifle, these rifles come in parts, you could take it up in bits.

Somersett, "You think he knows he is a marked man?"

Milteer "Sure he does."

Somersett "They are really going to try to kill him?"

Milteeer, "Oh yeah, its in the works."

Somersett, "Boy if that Kennedy gets shot we have got to know where we are at."

Milteer, "No way, they will pick up somebody within hours of the shooting, If anything like that should happen, just to throw the public off."

Somersett, "Oh someone ig going to have to go to jail?"

Milteer, "Just like Bruno Hauptmann in the Lindbergh case, you know?"

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Guest Stephen Turner

There are also many unanswered questions about Milteers death, supposedly he was fatally burned on Feb 9th 1974 when a stove in his bathroom exploded. He died two weeks later.

According to the death certificate he died of "severe third degree burns to both lower extremities" M Maxwell, the local mortician however, claimed the burns he saw on Milteers body were no where near bad enough to have caused his death, in fact he claimed they were already mostly healed. No autopsy was ever performed. (Milteer writes in a 1964 letter about burns to his back caused by spilling a kettle, that are in exactly the same place, and of the same severity of those apparantly caused by his stove exploding.)

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