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West Papua

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just in case, early alert..perhaps code orange.

An appeal for West Papua.

There is a situation in West Papua that the world needs to shift into focus.

Remember East Timor.

Australia owes a debt of gratitude to many of the natives in the pacific arena. In turn this debt is owed by the world. (WWII)

Probably because of the harsh conditions in Australia, felt particularly in the early years of expansion and settlement, Australians are a generous bunch. Come bushfire, draught, flood or earthquake..or war. Down tools and at it. (I suspect it's a christian irish thing as well.)

So, faced with the East Timor tragedy Australia risked relations with the largest Muslim nation in the region, Indonesia.. East Timor exists today, largely, through the military intervention by Australia, supported at a critical time by the United States, and with the attention of the world on the issue.

On the other hand, come the Tsunami, and Australia rushes aid to Indonesia with food, medicine, volunteers, and money money money.



... the tragedy of today is an emerging East Timor in West Papua. (Stay Tuned. Some are eying the Sabres.)

The situation may take years to develop, but the more attention that is given to it by the world at this early stage, perhaps the better the longterm outcome.

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