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Cold War US Foreign Policy

Shanet Clark

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20th Century International Relations

1. A pair of major United Nations program offices:


b. IMF and the ASCO



2. Czechoslovakia

a. Like Switzerland, avoided WWII

b. Left the Soviet satellite system

c. Desired Marshall Plan assistance

d. Was nationally homogenous

3.This was the German chemical cartel that used slave labor:

a. Thyssen

b. Krupps

c. I.G. Farben

d. Siemens

4. A major component in current international diplomacy

a. ICI

b. NGO

c. BFI

d. CIO

5. If the Bretton Woods agreement had NOT been signed, there

would never have been the:

a. Korean War

b. Berlin Airlift

c. World Bank

d. Central Intelligence Agency

6. As part of the Marshall Plan, Britain

a. contributed about one billion dollars

b. gained nuclear weapons

c. demolished Coventry Cathedral

d. was forgiven liability from Lend Lease

7. The country most eager to free colonial territories after WWII

a. France

b. Britain


d. Portugal

8. Hitler's top Nazi Party official, may have escaped from 1945 Berlin.

a) Rudolph Hess

B) Joseph Goebbels

c) Martin Boorman

d) Albert Speer

9. The failures of International Organizations have often been traced to

multi-state disagreement about

a) budget

B) sovereignty

c) balance of trade

d) equity

10. The Long Telegram from Moscow was published in an edited form as:

a. NSA 68

b. The Long Telegram

c. Mr. X Article

d. The Marshall Plan

11. The Long Telegram from Moscow urged

a. development

b. retrenchment

c. demobilisation

d. vigilance

12. Died in 1953

a) Mao Tse Tung

B) Harry S. Truman

c) Josef Stalin

d) Charles De Gaulle

13. One of these was not an important new technology in WWI:

a) Submarines

B) Airplanes

c) Radar

d) Machine Guns

e) Tanks

14. The trench warfare along WWI's Western front in europe was

marked by

a) repeated offensives

B) great fluidity

c) strategic hamlets

d) the Bismarck Plan

15. German and Austrian dynasties:

a) Bismarck and Ludendorff

B) Lowenthal and Alpine

c) Hohenzollen and Hapsburg

d) Romanov and Bourbon

16. Large United Nations peace keeping forces were in all these, except:

a) Haiti

B) Korea

c) Somalia

d) Vietnam

17. Two main colonial powers (by total area) in early 20th Century Africa

a) Germany and Italy

B) Belgium and Portugal

c) France and Britain

d) Spain and Holland

18. Former French African Colonies are found in:

a) NE Africa

B) SW Africa

c) NW Africa

d) SE Africa

19. Former Portuguese COlonies are found

a) inland

B) on the coasts

c) in Northern Africa

d) at the Horn of Africa

20. Former British colonies are arrayed

a) in a checkerboard

B) on an E-W axis

c) on a N-S axis

d) along the west coast

21. Both the League of Nations and the UN:

a) had international consensus

B) formed armed forces

c) supported territorial integrity

d) had strong executives

22. The United States's ally in Vietnam

a) Cambodia



d) Japan

23. This treaty renounced the Monroe Doctrine and was a model

for NATO

a) Rio

B) Paris

c) Brest-Litovsk

d) Versailles

24. Woodrow Wilson's leadership in ending WWI was

a) bitterly realistic

B) cynical and poorly informed

c) idealistic

d) unimportant

25. The period between the 20th century wars in Germany

a) Tyrolean

B) Hamburg

c) Weimar

d) Bismarck

26. Fought Egypt for the Suez Canal

a) Israel, Britain and France

B) Greece, Turkey and Britain

c) Israel, Italy and Greece

d) Britain, Syria and France

27. The Berlin Airlift conducted

a) about 20,000 flights

B) about 50,000 flights

c) about 100,000 flights

d) about 200,000 flights

28. The main author of NSC-68

a) Allen Dulles

B) John Foster Dulles

c) Paul Nitze

d) Pamela Harriman

29. NATO in the COld War Era was:

a) a unified allied military command

B) a trade and development alliance

c) a weak and loose confederation

d) a powerful Communist alliance

30. The US Agency for International Development, the Trade Development

Program and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation are part of



c) Peace Corps

d) The National Security Council

31. Designed to aid international development and grow employment:

a) IWC


c) NSC-68

d) MNC

32. High Commissioners of Occupied Germany and Japan

a) Harry Truman and Admiral Rickover

B) John J. McCloy and Douglas MacArthur

c) General Wainwright and Werner Von Braun

d) John Foster Dulles and Allen Dulles

33. Had in 1965 Member Republics, Overseas Departments and Territories

a) League of Nations

B) United Nations

c) French Community

d) Warsaw Pact

34. Three members of the 1965 British Commonwealth

a) Kenya, Jamaica and India

B) Zaire, Lesotho and Liberia

c) Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria

d) Egypt, Lebanon and Burma

35. Bretton Woods brought the World Bank, IMF and

a) currency controls

B) non proliferation agreements

c) ICBM summits

d) The World Court

36. The USSR took these countries into the Soviet Union

a) Lithuania and Latvia

B) Serbia and Croatia

c) Romania and Bulgaria

d) Poland and Czechoslovakia

37. One Russian concession in the Cold War

a) Hungary

B) Czechoslovakia

c) Austria

d) Poland

e) East Germany

38. A monopoly

a) Proprietary

B) Offshore

c) Zaibatsu

d) NGO

39. The CIA and NSA agencies owe their legal beginnings to

a) The Long Telegram

B) NSC 68

c) National Security Act

d) No legal charter

40. The political and judicial goals of US post WWII Germany

a) agrarianize

B) reparations

c) de-Nazify

d) assimilate

41. A conglomerate is almost always

a) a MFN

B) a NGO

c) an MNC

d) an Offshore

42. The Bandung Conference was for



c) Warsaw Pact

d) Non Aligned

d) OAS

43. The bipolar image of the Cold War is weakened by

a) Communist Western Europe

c) the Sino Soviet split

d) British Labor government

d) the ease which rubles were traded in world markets

44. Yugoslavia was held together as a Communist country by

a) Kruschev

B) Lech Walesa

c) Conrad Adenaur

d) Marshal Tito

e) Serbian Royalists

45. In the 1940s and 1950s, after World War II, gender roles

a) became more "traditional"

B) became more "european"

c) became more "equal"

d) became more "bohemian"

46. Not a part of the UN

a) Secretariat

B) Assembly

c) Security Council

d) The WWF

47. Early cases for the Marshall Plan

a) Greece and Turkey

B) Vichy Paris

c) Spain

d) Pilsen

48. US Secretary of State

a) John Foster Dulles

B) Joseph McCarthy

c) Allen Dulles

d) RIchard Nixon

49 Soviets

a) Malenkov and Molotov

B) Bukharin and Solzhnitsen

c) Stalin and Walesa

d) Molotov and Brezhinski

50. The mouth of the Suez Canal

a) Port Au Prince

B) Port Karachi

c) Port Said

d) Tel Aviv

Edited by Shanet Clark
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