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Lee Harvey Who?

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According to the CIA they have never heard of a Lee Harvey Oswald and no person by that name has ever worked there. "Well not really" According to the testimony of James Crowley.





James D. Crowley, being duly sworn, deposes and says:

On August 13, 1961, he was duly appointed an officer in the Department of State, as a specialist in intelligence matters; that he has continued to serve in that capacity since that time, and that he has personal knowledge of the matters related in this affidavit:

1. I am one of the officers in the Department of State responsible for disseminating throughout the Department various reports, memoranda and documents which are received from other United States Government agencies.

2. The first time I remember learning of Oswald's existence was when I received copies of a telegraphic message, dated October 10, 1963, from the Central Intelligence Agency, which contained information pertaining to his current activities. I requested that a search of the Office of Security records be made on October 11, 1963, to determine if the Department had received any information previously. Based on a quick review of the Office of Security file on Oswald, I disseminated copies of the Central Intelligence Agency message to the various offices within the Department which were interested in receiving this type of material.

3. I also briefly reviewed Oswald's Office of Security file on November 14, 1963. Although I am not certain, I believe the impetus for this review was either my receipt of a Federal Bureau of Investigation report dated October 31, 1963 on Lee Harvey Oswald or my receipt of a Federal Bureau of Investigation report dated October 25, 1963 on the Fair Play for Cuba Committee New Orleans Division. Both of these reports were received in the Intelligence Processing Section on November 8, 1963.

4. In both instances, I reviewed the Office of Security file in a routine manner and had it returned to the Office of Security File Room the same day in which it was charged to me.

Signed this 12th day of June 1964.

(s)James D. Crowley,


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Guest Stephen Turner

Check out links to ferrie, Banister and Shaw, (all agency connected) "544 Camp St" The sureal trip to Clinton Louisiana (the HSCA found the Clinton witnesses "Very credible")

His top secret clearance at Atsugi airbase, at the time of the U2 missions.....His exteremly favorable treatment from the Agency on returning to the US after two and a half years in Soviet Russia.........The William Gaudet incident at the Mexican Consulate in New Orleans........Also his time at Reily Coffee.......his close association with CIA operative George DeMohrenschildt........And former CIA finance officer James Wilcott's testimony in 1978 before the HRSCA were he claimed he had handled the finance to help recruit Oswald as a CIA spy.


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