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Slowing Down for the Shots

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There is apparently no dissent that the limo braked on Elm St just prior to the last shot(s) that killed JFK before entering the Triple Underpass. Likewise, it is clear that by the time the motorcade entered the Stemmons Freeway entrance ramp, the limo had passed Chief Curry's lead car, which then in turn passed the limo to lead the way to Parkland.

This suggests that the lead car had also slowed down, or at least had not continued ahead at the same speed as it had previously been moving, otherwise it would seem as if it would have or should have been a longer distance ahead of the limo as the cars emerged from under the bridge.

Walt Brown makes much ado about this in his book The Warren Omission, but doesn't seem to ask the question whether the lead car might have slowed down because they noticed the limo lagging farther behind than it had been before it had braked, or if the limo braked in response to the lead car having braked first.

Offhand, the fact that Sheriff Decker called in to have his officers get over to the railroad tracks suggests that the lead car hadn't found itself suddenly far ahead of the limo since Decker was apparently still in Dealey Plaza, if not when he made the radio call, at least when he heard the (final?) shot(s) that killed Kennedy.

Alternatively, I've also read elsewhere on this forum (a post by Al Carrier, I think?) that USSS protocol was for the driver to keep his left foot on the brake pedal to be able to brake in emergencies ... so that when Greer turned around to his right at the time of the fatal shot(s), his left foot naturally depressed the brake pedal.

Never having before noticed anyone question this particular aspect, I wondered if in fact there is any evidence that shows the lead car's brake lights on as well, and if so, did they come on before or after the limo's? Or is it more likely that the second (Carrier) explanation is the correct one?

Just curious ....

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