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Decoding 313

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"It's possible that if one can determine the head movements at the time of the headshot, then one can say where the shot came from."

This seems reasonable to me.

a first glance at z313 is very distracting. Very suggestive, like an inkblob, a mess with emotional reactions waiting to happen in the observer.

Within that information in the form of a fine grid of various tiny areas having various qualities such as color hue and luminosity lies that information that reached the film of Zapruders camera during a short time (veryveryshort).

Is it possible to isolate the component of that information that all together is commonly called Kennedys head?

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Yes, well, perhaps I should have mentioned that there are people who do believe that. It's nice to be certain about things One possible value is that once one gets ones hands on the real thing, certain thinking, method and skills have been covered to ease things along. Also the outcome could be as you suggest Jack. On the other hand , perhaps not.


This program ( www.inspec.com ) and the models provided helps to locate likely orientations. It's possible to step by step rotate in xyz. A simple screenshot proggie such as mwsnap ( http://www.mirekw.com/ ) enables easy copying to image program with layered transparencies to check. It's quite amazing how a silouhette changes by turning a head, Vastly different planes and configurations become visible.. Because the differences then iit should be possible to determine the headposition in z313.

Here for 312, the ear, the clearly defined edges and the illuminations on the face are few but sufficient points of reference..

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