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Biography: José María Cardesín

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Doctor in History (1990) and Professor (Lecturer) of the History of Social Movements in the Faculty of Sociology at the University of A Coruña, Spain. Director of the ‘Urban Studies Workshop’. His research interests lie primarily in the analysis of urban processes from a multidisciplinary perspective and in the use of multimedia resources applied to the Social Sciences. He was awarded the Dyos Prize for 2004 for the best article (‘A Tale of Two Cities: the memory of Ferrol between the Navy and the working class’) submitted in that year to the journal Urban History. He also produced the website ‘Ferrol Urban History’, a multimedia companion to that article (in Cambridge Journals Online). Nowadays he coordinates the building of a new website on the Urban Renewal Programs in the Spanish municipality of Ferrol, in order to coordinate the colaboration of architects, sociologists and historians on that matter.

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