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Biography: John Balch

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I have been a long time student of the Kennedy Assassination, but a few years back I felt like I'd run out the skein. Seeing what the internet has brought to a study, such as this, has blown me away. The sharing of resources, and points of view has opened up in me a real sense of optimism...perhaps, cooperatively, we will get to the truth behind this central crime of our age. Your forum allows me to study the most obscure points of this mystery, and ask for opinions, help or insights. It's great.

I am a former American, residing in London, Ontario. My brother was a casualty of the Viet Nam War, and that stuck in my craw enough to get me to move here, alone, at 23. More of my life has been lived in Canada than the US. I married a Canadian and have three sons. I've been an off-and-on teacher, doing many other things as well, but am now teaching ESL to adult New Canadians. My degree was in history, and that passion has never left me; engaging in primary research is the best.

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