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Howard K. Davis

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Howard K. Davis was an Airbourne Ranger who fought in the Korean War. He also fought the Pinar Del Rio in Cuba (1957-58).

Davis was a member of Interpen (Intercontinental Penetration Force) that was established in 1961 by Gerry P. Hemming. Other members included Loran Hall, Roy Hargraves, Lawrence Howard, William Seymour, Steve Wilson, Ed Collins, Bill Dempsey, Dick Whatley, Ramigo Arce, Ronald Augustinovich, Joe Garman, Edmund Kolby, James Arthur Lewis, Dennis Harber, Ralph Schlafter, Manuel Aguilar and Oscar Del Pinto.

Does anyone else know anything about Howard K. Davis. I know he is still alive and is still close to Gerry Hemming. Maybe he can be persuaded to join the Forum.



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