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Biography: Ashton Gray

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I am a writer and editor, and my keen interest in later years is investigative writing. My career in the field began long ago with the Kansas City Free Press and I went on to write in various capacities for, e.g., Random House, Universal Studios, and PBS. Recently I have ghosted a published non-fiction book for a gentleman who for many years was a principal of elementary and high schools, and went on to be a superintendent of schools.

My wife and I ran a small private school in Los Angeles for a short time, and we home-schooled all of our four children.

I am vitally interested in Watergate; I believe that no truthful rationale for, or explanation of, what actually took place ever has emerged, although I believe one to exist. I greatly value the discussions that have taken place at the education forum and respect the minds that pursue the truth, and believe I can contribute to the forum in some small ways.

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