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Guest Stephen Turner

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Guest Stephen Turner

Why was it important for Oswald to return to the paine's house on thursday.

Why was it important for Oswald to leave his wedding ring, and spare money at the house.

Why was it important for Oswald to be seen carrying the "curtain rods"

Why choose the TSBD to fire from.

Lets start with these four, and I will add more as we go along.

Why is it important for Oswald to return to the Paine's house on Thursday.

The W/C answer is to get his rifle, And Posner, McMillan and others suggest it was a final attempt at reconcilliation with Marina. Now both of these answers mean that as late as Thursday evening Oswald is still not mentally committed to the assassination. Lets examine these reasons, HE RETURNS TO GET HIS RIFLE, Well if your going to assassinate a president, your going to need your trusty Carcano, a Carcano that nobody except Marina, and the DeMohrenschildts can positively link to Oswald, A Carcano that has lain undisturbed in the Paines garage for weeks, A Carcano that nobody but Marina claims to ever see Oswald fire, A Carcano that has been coveinently photographed in Oswalds hand, A Carcano that although purchased for neferious reasons is mail ordered, leaving a paper-trail rather than simply bought over the counter, a Carcano for which Oswald, apparently, has no bullets, A Carcano which is to long to fit into the paper sack witnessed by Frazier, and Randell, the only two people who see Oswald with the sack, A Carcano that manages to miss General Walker from only feet away, yet performs with such startling accuracy in Dealey Plaza, A Carcano that is only one of THREE to be presented as the murder weapon over the years, A Carcano that is unoiled, uncared for, has a wonky scope, and is loaded with three, and only three bullets. It also begs the question, why, at this late date is the rifle still in the Paines garage, the plan must have been forming in Oswalds mind ever since he heard of the Motorcade, he could have removed it to his rooming house days before, simply by using public transport, thus cutting out the need to lie about curtain rods, and leaving nobody as a witness to Oswald carrying anything. the only way any of this can be made to work is if Oswald only decides to kill Kennedy as late as Thursday night, or even Friday Morning and so we wheel out.

He failed at a reconcilliation attempt with Marina.

And so committed himself to assassinating Kennedy, and if your buying that I've got a nice castle in Scotland I am willing to sell you.

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Guest Stephen Turner

Why choose the TSBD to shoot from

The idea that Oswald would kill Kennedy and when arrested make a historical statement about why he had committed the deed, is blown out of the water by his behaviour in custody. He clearly intends to deny complicity,and keep right on denying it, as far as he is concerned very little damning evidence exists to tie him to the assassination. With this in mind his behaviour leading up to the assassination is, to say the least, inconsistent with this objective. Oswald didn't need to have taken a ride with Frazier that morning, with the money he left he could have taken a Taxi, thus cutting out the need to lie about what he was carrying. Yet he choses to take the ride providing two eyewitnesses, and walk the rifle into the biulding past what could have been many more witnesses, and into a situation which he must have known would end either in his arrest, or death. Now none of this matters if Oswald was on a suicide mission, but as his later behaviour shows this was not the case. Either Oswald didn't care if he was caught, or he did, either he had been planning it for some time, or it was a spur of the moment thing, Oswalds behaviour is inconsistent with all of these.

Good thinking, Steve. But the rifle was loaded with "four bullets", not three.

Besides the alleged three shots, there was an unfired round still in the chamber.


Jack, you are of course right, I stand corrected, thank you.

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You may want to add to your comments describing the fantastic carbine, the fact that the claimed owner and exceptional marksman, Lee H. Oswald, didn't possess rifle cleaning equiment for this exquisite piece of weaponry.

Oh, perhaps this high quality rifle possesses a self cleaning mechanism.... which no one knew about. Or, maybe the ever so smart Oswald hid the cleaning equipment and the rest of the bullets, and only kept what was enough to do the crime and to be accused of it. Too bad he forgot to hide the Minox camera, bummer.

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