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Jada on Ruby

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"He used to wonder if people were against him and if they liked him. He looked like a little Cupid with a little grin on his face and e always asked everybody's opinion on everything," Jada said, adding: "He couldn't make up his mind. I'm surprised he didn't ask anybody if he should shoot Oswald. I really mean it. He must have asked somebody." [source: Charleston Gazette Nov 28, 1963]

Going through all the FBI interviews of Ruby friends and associates, you'll find many who said he was always asking if people like him or were against him, and how he asked opinions on all sorts of things... "should he close the Carousel?" What should he do about his competitors?" etc etc. It is also clear that he sought to be among the Dallas elite... to be considered a peer to them. This, together with his suggestibility, made him prone to be used by those same people...

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