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The Problem of the First Break-In

Ashton Gray

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This is my first post in the Education Forum. I'm honored to have the opportunity to discuss topics of interest to me with minds more astute and acute, particularly on the subject of Watergate. While I hope to be able to contribute something to the many other threads here, I'm originating this thread to seek other views on the most exhaustive analysis of the purported "first break-in" that I've ever encountered.

Having studied it in detail and compared it to my own research, records, and notes from over the years, I am at once mesmerized by the thoroughgoing detail and accuracy in its comparison of the various available accounts, and troubled by the implications arising from the number of contradictions in testimony that it documents.

It is not an essay I can merely describe. I would like very much to discuss it with anyone who has thoroughly familiarized themselves with it. You can read it at Watergate First Break-In.

Ashton Gray

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