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David S. Leventhal and Glen Stinnett

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So not to divert John Dolva's thread, I thought IRS Agents David S. Leventhal and Glen Stinnett deserved their own thread.

Leventhal did 4 years in the Army and came out a First Lieutenant. In his statement to the FBI, he claimed that Glen Stinnett had spoken to Jack Ruby regarding a tax compromise. Leventhal also claimed that in 1954, Ruby had a fiancee. First I have heard of this.

The best man at Leventhal's wedding was Ervin Donsky, owner of the Sterling Jewelry company and President of the Julius Schepps Community Center.

Glen Stinnett had a 17 year old son by the name of George who in 1957 was found dead. He had been shot in the head and a .22 rifle was found close by. The police were unable to determine whether it was foul play or suicide. George was an A student, well liked and seemingly trouble free.

Stinnett's other son, Glen Jr. was selected in 1947 as a candidate for the Naval Aviation Community Partners program. By 1968, he was the Commanding Officer of the Reserve Attack Squadron 873. In 1970 he was with NASA as a test pilot.

It would be interesting to know what kind of a tax compromise Ruby and Stinnett were discussing.

David S. Leventhal and wife Anna below.


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