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Sammy Paxton

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A little further light on Sammy Paxton, a friend and business associate of R.D. Matthews.

Paxton's real name is Salvatore Amarena. He was born in Tampa and worked as a bar owner throughout the Gulf Coast, with stops in New Orleans and Alabama. He moved to Havana in the mid 50's and opened a restaurant across from the Havana Hilton.

In June of 1959, Amarena sponsored the wedding and recption of Trafficante's daugher at the Hilton. He left Havana soon after.

Eventually Amarena settled in San Francsico where he became a close associate of Jimmy "The Weasel" Frattiano. Amarena owned Sal's Espresso Cafe. it became the de facto hangout for members of the San Francisco and LA mob families. Amarena dealt in stolen weapons, bookmaking, and narcotics. He frequently met with Australian drug figures.

When Frattiano turned government witness, the San Francisco family was already on its last legs. When boss Jimmy Lanza died in June of 1989, the only two guys left were Amarena and Frank "Skinny" Velotta.

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Hi Scott,

The main Australian drug figure connected to Paxton was Robert Trimbole. Trimbole was also associated with Terrence Clarke and the drug syndicate, Mr. Asia.

In his early days, Trimbole was mixed up in the horse racing business and was operating illegally having bought-off jockeys and racing officials alike. He was even involved in race fixing in such far off places as Mexico.



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