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Regime Change in Cuba (AMWORLD Part 2)

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Three years ago George Bush set up a group (Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba) to look at the different ways that regime change in Cuba could take place. Earlier this week the group reported that Bush should spend $80 million on Castro’s removal. No doubt an increase on what was spent in the early 1960s. (Does anyone know what the CIA paid the Mafia to remove Castro?)

Part of the report has been classified for security reasons. It has been claimed that the CAFC advocated the breaking of international law in order to overthrow Castro. For example, the declassified part of the report does not mention the idea of the CIA arranging the assassination of Castro. However, it does include plans for anti-Castro Cubans to grab power in the event of Castro dying of natural causes (maybe they are resurrecting the poisoned cigar idea). It says it will have to wait to be asked to intervene but the US government should be ready for such an eventuality. Maybe this is AMWORLD Part 2?

The part of the report that has been published suggests that most of the money should be spent on the anti-Castro opposition. This includes funding anti-Castro propaganda and paying for Cuban academics to visit the United States.

The CAFC point out that the US could be facing a serious problem. The economic sanctions organized by the US government have had the desired effect of increasing poverty in Cuba. However, they warn about the support that Castro is now getting from Hugo Chavez (Venezuela) and Evo Morales (Bolivia). As Larry Birns, director of the Council on Hemisphere Affairs pointed out recently, it is the United States who is isolated in Latin America today, not Castro’s Cuba.

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Information from Swedish-Cuban Association

USA dummies and extreme right in Riksdagshuset. One stain against Olof Palmes memory

The Czech embassy in Stockholm and something that calls itself ICDC (International Committee for Democracy in Cuba) arranges February 6-7 a conference in Sweden's Riksdagshus for “democratic change on Cuba”. Responsible for the arrangement in the parliament house is the 'Svenskt Internationellt Liberalt Centrum', Kristdemokratiskt Internationellt Centru and "Olof Palme Center". These organisations are lib:s, Kd:s respectively the social democrats' mainly wealth financed organisations for international assistances.

We ask, why is arranged a conference about Cuba in the the Swedish parliament house “under management and protections” of a foreign embassy? Why does not the parliament lead the conference? Furthermore, what is ICDC?

ICDC is an organisation created of the Czech “assistance organisation” People in Need (PIN). They have same address in Prague. ICDC writes “People in Need amswers for ICDC:s secretariat ", i e ICDC is administered by PIN. PIN states that its Cuba work gets financing of the USA organisations Freedom House and Centre for a Free Cuba. Latter organisation has Frank Calzón as CEO and he sits also in the board for Freedom House. Calzón has förflutet as member in the Miami-baserade terroristgruppen Abdala and as CIA-agent and CANF-direktör. PIN gets further financing from the USA, for example from USAID, NED and direct from USA:s embassy in Prague. PIN/ICDC goes clearly hand in hand with USA:s offensive policy against Cuba. PIN/ICDC gets also strong aid from the Czech Republic's government.

UN:s NGO-kommitté in UN:s councils for economic and social questions ECOSOC decided January 24 this year to reject PIN:s application for status as advisor to NGO at ECOSOC:s meetings and conferences. The justification, as was expressed by Cuba's representative in the council, be that PIN is a front organisation of the Czech Republic's government, and thus not an NGO (not government tied organisation). Furthermore it was expressed that PIN devotes itself at undue involvement in Sovereign States internal affairs and implements commissions from the Czech Republic's Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Nine votes against giving PIN advisory status. USA and additional four voted for. Four countries abstained.

PIN/ICDC urges in its propaganda: “Do Not Travel to Cuba!“, and supports vigorously USA:s embargo against the island. UN:s general assembly has 14 years in a row condemned this embargo against Cuba, most recently in 2005 with 182 countries against four. In the UN:s Commission for Human Rights in Genève the Czech Republic is notorious for to acting as dummy promoting USA:s resolutions against Cuba. As a new member state in the EU the Czech Republic in a short time shown itself preoccupied with Cuba and agitates to change EU:s policy vis-à-vis Cuba, so that dialogue and deliberations with government and authorities in Cuba becomes impossible. Characters around George W. Bush, like Roger Noriega who has had several top posts, oozes praise over the Czech Republic's confrontational actiions vis-à-vis Cuba.

The Swedish government, that in UN repeatedly has voted against USA:s embargo against Cuba, expresses through a letter to Lärarförbundet, Section Spånga-Tensta December 14 2005 from the Minister for Foreign Affair Laila Freivalds that it “takes distances from the embargo-policy then we mean that there are no conditions for USA to introduce penalties ". In other words USA:s embargo against Cuba is illegal. When will the Minister for Foreign Affair protest that forces that support an illegal policy be allowed to contribute to this conference in the Swedish people's parliament house?

In Latin Amerika ascends new popularly elected Leaders with social programmes that hit vakt about the nation's interests, as Hugo Chévez in Venezuela, Tabaré Vézquez in Uruguay, president Lula in Brazil, and Eva Morales in Bolivia. They refuse to remain USA:s back yard and challenges Washington's “traditional” interests in that part of the world. Cuba's leaders have long explained that cooperation between the countries in Latin Amerika is the road out from USA:s debilitating domination.

The poor in Latin America are inspired by the welfarestate the Cubans has created through its revolution. The ten percent poorest in Cuba has a higher standard of living than the 60 percent poorest in Latin America as a whole. Cuba offered USA 1586 doctors to assistt in New Orleans after the hurricane Katrina flood disaster. President Bush refused to reply. Many of these doctors are in initiatives in Pakistan or in other countries. They show that another world is possible. But the world the USA offers is the offensive war's horror with bombs, napalm, classified torture prisons, fanatism.

The Bush governments increasingly aggressive rhetoric against Cuba and its standing provokations means that military actions of some form by Washington cannot be ruled out. But for that political road it is that EU has a more confrontational policy against Cuba. After Spain's 'högerpremiärminister' Jose Maria Aznar was removed from power, the USA wants that the the new EU member, the Czech Republic, to fill occupy Aznar's place and act for an open 'konfrontationspolitik' in EU against Cuba.

On may 6 2004, president Bush through Colin Powell presented one 450 sides long report from itself “Commission for support for a free Cuba ". It is reported in detail how USA once more want to turn Cuba into a State submissive to USA interests, including theft and transfer of Cuba's companies to business interests in USA. In the report, increased appropriations were presented for the financing of so called dissidents in Cuba, for military flight plans for propagandadelivarye, for propaganda and lobbying activity in Latin America and in Europe. Total amounts of 60 million US dollars. On July 28, 2005, and in accordance with the report's plans, appointed Bush-regime Caleb McCarry, a future crushed Cuba. Yet another packet with fientligheter is announced for May. A part of this money goes to to anti-Cubanska conferences like that in Stockholm.

The Stockholm conference of February 6-7 is thus one in a series USA initiated campaign measures in order to influence different countries' policy vis-à-vis Cuba. The conferences moreover hacve stated aims to involve NGO:s in campaigns against Cuba, with promises about plentiful money contributions of course.

The first ICDC/PIN-conference occurred in Prague. Similar entertainments have been arranged in for example in Madrid, Miami, Washington, Berlin and recently in Tallinn on October last year, with participation of among others. Lib:s SILC. In the 'Pragkonferensen' spoke the exile Cuban Carlos Alberto Montaner. Montana era has past asa terrorist in one CIA-organiserad terrorist

organisations in the 1960's in Cuba. Materials for the production of bombs were found in his room. The gang members were sentenced as responsible for explosions against civilian objectives such as department stores and the university. Montana succeeded to escape from the prison and was taken in hand by the CIA forhis continued career. In the preliminary programmes for Stockholmskonferensen was Montaners name. But since his terrorissm is well known, one can assume that he was replaced. Today, he is a vice chairmen in the same international as the Swedish Liberal Party belongs to.

Among the confirmed participants we note Ramón Colas, exile Cuban resident in Miami. On the 4th of August 2003 he wrote, as a member in the Cuban American foundation CANF, along with other CANF-medlemmar, in a letter to George Bush, which required increased appropriations and still harder actions Cuba; “Soon, with your help, Cuba will once more become what it shouldbe , one free and independent nation and a near friend and ally to the USA.“ ...in other words a return to the gangsterism and misery that ruled before Cuba's revolution in 1959.

CANF was founded by Reagan in the beginning of the 80's as an umbrella for a dozen terrorist-organisations and is one of they most powerful tlobby groups in the USA. It pumps in million of dollars into campaigns for selected politicians that do its bidding. CANF has a documented involvement in USA:s dirty wars in Central America and in Iran contra business with weapons - and drugsmuggling. CANF has financed the western hemispheres most notorious terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles, involved in many murders. Among the crimes, the explosion of a Cuban passanger plane in 1976 that Carriles organized from Caracas, Venezuela. All 73 on board died. Carriles is located now in USA. The Bush administration protects him from extraction to Venezuela, where he with CIA:s help succeeded to escape from legalaction. Carriles is claimed to possess knowledge about CiIAs involvement in the murder of president Kennedy. Carriles fellow criminal, Orlando Bosch, pardoned by Bush the elder, and is honour citizen in CANF:s Miami. Comprehensive information about Carriles tied to CANF and terrorism is in New york Times 1998-07-12.

Other 'Stockholm Conference' invited speakers from USA and the Czech Republic et.c. are included in this extreme right contact nets. It's about a network with the exile Cuban criminal and terroristiska Miami maffian as active force. This mafia has direct cooperation with Florida's governor Jeb Bush, with his brother, president George W Bush, and with over twenty extremist individuals of Cuban origins n top posts in the USA government administration.

Through The Stockholm Conference these are the responsible politicians opening the Swedish people's parliament house. Lib, Kd and s participates through assistance organisations, but the moderators contribute also with speakers. That "utrikesutskottets social democratic" chairman Urban Ahlin, board member in "Olof Palmecentret", participates and contributes is an of the organizers, is one big stain against Olof Palmes memory.

Olof Palme is well-known and recognised in the entire third world for aid to the small nations' rights to independence, and against the superpowers domination. He is well-known and loved for his aid to the independence struggles in Vietnam, Africa and Central America, for his hate against Latin Amerikas USA installed military dictatorships, and for his support to the free Cuba. “long live Swedish Cuban friendship! Long live solidarity between the peoples! Viva Cuba independiente!“ So said Olof Palme at a mass meeting in Cuba 1975.

We condemn the responsible politicians of the Swedish People's Riksdagshus involved with this conference!

SwedIsh-Cuban Association's board

Stockholm January 29, 2006

Edited by John Dolva
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No space for Agent Montaner

Jean-Guy Allard

A strange dialogue recently occurred via open letters between the famous Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez – of universal fame and with a talent that has been celebrated many times over – and CIA agent Carlos Alberto Montaner, a fugitive from the Cuban justice system for placing bombs in cinemas and stores in the 1960s. He also collaborated with the assassination of religious figures in El Salvador and currently identifies himself with the troop of coup gangsters which took power in Honduras.

The controversial correspondence between the Cuban, whose songs are heard and sung on every continent, and the State Department propagandist who abandoned the United States to work for the CIA in Falangist Spain during the 1970s, is now being published on every website that carries the stamp of yanki intelligence, beginning with El Nuevo Herald.

In the exchange, Silvio expresses himself with the nobility that characterizes him and the unpatriotic Montaner writes with his usual deceptive language affiliated to so-called public diplomacy, managed in days past by Otto Reich and now under the guidance of the Hillary Clinton - John Negroponte duo.

The ping pong match, which placed the Cuban singer and intellectual on one side and the owner of the covert mechanism of U.S aggression to spread systematic disinformation – ordered, coordinated and synchronized by the U.S intelligence agencies – on the other.

And that owner is an unsavory character who divides his time, conspiring throughout, between his residence in Retiro Park in Madrid and his property on Brickell Avenue in Miami.

Without going into total detail – he has spent more than 50 years of servile collaboration dreaming of annexing and definitively defeating his country of origin – it is worth outlining most notorious acts of Montaner’s political delinquency:

—On Monday, December 26, 1960, in the early morning hours, Montaner was arrested in Havana along with 16 terrorists in a wide-ranging operation to dismantle a network placing bombs in stores and cinemas in the city.

—In July 2007, in a popular radio program in Miami, the terrorist boss and CIA agent Antonio Veciana – linked to several failed attempts to assassinate Fidel – confirmed in detail how the so-called "cigarette case bombs" and other artifacts found with the Montaner group came directly from the Central Intelligence Agency.

—Sentenced to a lengthy prison term for terrorism, Montaner escaped, with the help of his mother, from the detention center for juvenile delinquents where he was being held. He left Cuba for the United States on September 8, 1961 under the protection of a foreign embassy working in the service of the Americans.

—A little after his arrival in Miami, Montaner confirmed his connection with the CIA, admitting during an interview with journalist Angel de Jesús Piñera from the Avance magazine (published on April 27, 1962), that he belonged to the "Rescate Estudiantil’s national leadership of Action & Sabotage" affiliated with subversive and terrorist networks activated by the CIA in Cuba.

—In April 1962 Montaner formally became a member of the CIA, given that enough time had passed for him to prove his reliability through his actions.

—A text from the UPI agency on July 20, 1963, taken up by the New York Times, describes how Montaner declared himself the spokesman of the Cuban Military Units organized by the CIA within the U.S. Army, and stated that "a new exile organization was planning extensive actions against the regime of Fidel Castro."

—After a chaotic stay in Puerto Rico, he unleashed a media scandal in New York that was printed in all of the Hispanic news sources, by declaring that the majority of radical Puerto Ricans in that city were prostitutes.

—Starting in 1970, and with logistic and financial support from the CIA, which wanted to give him the image of an intellectual in exile, the "democratic" Montaner, enjoying the goodness of the regime toward him, set up a juicy propaganda business that he continues to operate today.

— One eloquent detail: On September 23, 1994, he accompanied José María Robles, a famous capo from the Falangist Partido Popular in Spain, to visit Antonio "Toñin" Llama, director of the National Cuban-American Foundation (CANF), in Miami. Llama is the man who confessed in a June 2006 interview with the mafia Miami Herald how he bought explosives and remote control helicopters to bomb a popular demonstration in Havana’s Plaza de la Revolución.

—The deaths of Jesuit priest Ignacio Ellacuría and his colleagues are linked to Montaner on account of his intense hatred of preachers of liberation theology.

—On February 1 of last year, along with Esperanza Aguirre, prima donna of the Spanish Partido Popular that is currently directing the offensive against Cuba in the European Parliament, Montaner led a ridiculous demonstration of members of the Frente Nacional and Alternativa Espanola, Spanish fascist groups affiliated to the neo-fascist European network.

—Beginning June 28, 2009, Montaner turned into an apologist, alongside Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, of businessman Roberto Micheletti who led the coup in Honduras, and he appeared in Tegucigalpa "to defend human rights," while applauding how the fascist regime in Honduras went after demonstrations on the part of the resistance movement.

At almost 67, Montaner is fully united with the most vocal part of the Cuban-American mafia, which called for the destruction of Havana at the moment of the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

This category of recalcitrant people at the service of the empire, as repulsive as they are incorrigible, have spent 50 years condemning the country that was their homeland, dreaming of delivering it to new ideologists of the "ripe fruit."

Translated by Granma International


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