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Oswald's boomerang wallet...

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There are numerous problems with the reports and testimonies of Martello and Quigley, but for now, I want to just concentrate on LHO's wallet and the ID cards it contained following his NO arrest.

From Martello's post-assassination memorandum:

I asked OSWALD if he had any identification papers. At this time OSWALD produced his wallet. Upon my request, he removed the papers and I examined them. He had in his wallet a number of miscellaneous papers, cards and identification items. The only ones that I felt were of any significance were

the following, which I made note of:

"1. Social Security Card bearing #433-54-3937 in the name of LEE HARVEY OSWALD.

"2. Selective Service draft card in the name of LEE HARVEY OSWALD bearing

#41-114-395-32, classification---4A. (I do not know what draft board was

registered with.)

"3. Card bearing name LEE HARVEY OSWALD reflecting he was a member of the

FairPlay for Cuba Committee; address listed as 799 Broadway, New York 3, New

York; telephone #ORegon 4-8295, headquarters for Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

Card was signed by V. T. LEE, Executive Secretary; card issued 5/28/63.

"4. Card for the New Orleans Chapter of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in

name of LEE HARVEY OSWALD signed by A. J. HIDELL, Chapter President, issued

June 6, 1963.

Okay -- so here is Martello asking for ID, and LHO produces his wallet containing two FPCC cards. What's wrong with this picture? Martello interviewed LHO on the Saturday - the day after LHO's arrest. He had already been interviewed by the arresting officers and members of the Intelligence Unit on the Friday, yet according to this, LHO was still carrying his wallet on Saturday? Shouldn't his wallet -- and everything else LHO had on his person, have been taken and inventoried on the Friday, and not returned until his release?

Later that day(Saturday), Quigley arrives, and lo, LHO stillhas his wallet all the delicious evidence it contained -- even though, according to Quigley, "it was part of the evidence as far as the New Orleans Police Department was concerned at the time..."

Check it out...

Mr. McCLOY. One other thing. I have to leave shortly to go to lunch, but on

page 7 of this report you described these membership cards.

Mr. QUIGLEY. Yes, sir.

Did he have the membership cards in his possession at that time?

Yes, sir; he did, sir.

You saw them?

Yes, sir; I did, sir. I think the last you will notice, in that

last sentence he had in his possession both cards and exhibited both of them.

Mr. McCLOY. Right. One of them was, at least one of them, was signed A.


Mr. QUIGLEY. Yes, sir; that is correct.

Mr. McCLOY. Do we have those cards?

Mr. STERN. I believe we do. I do not have them here.

Mr. McCLOY. But it is important to have them because the name Hidell was in

the handwriting--but these are membership cards purporting to be membership

cards in the Fair Play for Cuba organization. Would you be able to identify

these cards if you saw them, Mr. Quigley, as the ones that were shown in

Oswald's possession exhibited to you?

Mr. QUIGLEY. I don't believe I could truthfully say if you showed me a card,

these two cards now that those were the identical ones. From the description

and the data that I have recorded I could say they were similar.

Mr. McCLOY. All right.

I don't just feel I could identify them. Bear this in mind, sir;

this material was evidence as far as the New Orleans Police Department was

concerned at the time, we couldn't take this material.

Mr. McCLOY. I understand.

Mr. DULLES. Did you say that some of it was turned over to the Secret Service?

Mr. QUIGLEY. No, sir; not to my knowledge.

Mr. DULLES. Not this material?

Mr. QUIGLEY. Not to my knowledge, sir

Martello & Quigley were lying, but tripped themselves up in the process. The lies however are revealing insofar as they would appear to be part of a pattern indicating post-assassination manipulations to link Oswald to the rifle by linking the names.

The only pre-assassination records of a link between Oswald and Hidell are:

Martello's notes of his interview with Oswald. If he really did take notes, the sole purpose of them would have been to produce a file record, obtain evidence for the coming court appearance, or to gather intelligence - yet, by his own admission, he did nothing with the notes until after the assassination.

Quigley's record of interview with Oswald was incorporated into an investigative report by Agent Kaack. This report was dated Oct 31, 1963, but Quigley's record of interview could have been inserted at any time.

The MIG file... which somehow had "Hidell" as an Oswald alias. This info was said to come from New Orleans... yet nothing in NOPD or NO FBI reports show it as an alias. In fact, all they were alleged to have was a FPCC card signed by Hidell as chapter president. On face value, this only indicates an association between two separate people - Oswald and Hidell. As no investigation of Hidell or Oswald was undertaken in New Orleans after the August arrest, there was no evidence that could have linked the names in any other fashion. In short, based on what was supposedly known at the time, Hidell should have been listed as "associate" not "alias" on the MIG file. Too bad it was routinely destroyed. Maybe Jones' memory on that was ahem... faulty?

The PO records for Oswald's box. The form allowing "Hidell" access to the box was (also) said to be routinely destroyed... though such destruction was illegal.

Oswald's wallet(s) would perform similar feats of magic later in Dallas.


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