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Biography: Jerry Dealey

Jerry Dealey

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Member of the Dallas family that Dealey Plaza is named after. Born and lived in Dallas until summer of 1963, when I moved to Denver with my Mom and step-family. Came back each summer to visit my father, and moved back permanently in 1983. Live in a Dallas suburb.

Became interested in the Assassination from the moment it happened. The next several weeks, got into a number of fights with same and upper classmen, since I was from Dallas, had an obnoxious southern drawl, and was named Dealey. (Like I personally had something to do with it.)

Very active in Dallas history, and have written a book on the history of Dallas, Dealeys, Dallas Morning News, and Dealey Plaza. Currently am an Insurance agent in the Dallas area, and often gives tours of the Assassination sites, history and Dallas.

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